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For some people, the problem of roosting birds is an easy target for jokes. After all, this is a rather "fowl" subject. But, if your warehouse has a flock of dirty and noisy birds hanging around, you know it's anything but funny. You can keep your facility from turning into a bird sanctuary by following the advice of Gulfshore Bird-A-Way, a bird control specialist.

Nuisance birds are responsible for millions of dollars in damage to property and product loss.  Due to their ability to invade almost every type of structure, nuisance bird flocks pose serious threats to human health. Their droppings and roosting areas contain dormant bacteria and/or fungi which can lead to significant health hazards, especially when these particles become airborne.


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  • Birds can host internally over sixty types of infectious diseases and harbor over forty different parasites.

  • The pigeon, starling and house sparrow have adapted well in urban areas  as well as in commercial manufacturing plants.

  • The damage pest birds do to infested structures is not limited to just the unsightly accumulated piles of droppings.

  • Due to their ability to contaminate more than they can consume, pest birds are responsible for millions of dollars in product loss to the food manufacturing industry.

Gulfshore Bird-A-Way is proud to offer a complete line of safe, effective and environmentally friendly products for DO-IT-YOURSELF services!




Gulfshore offers a safe and trusted service

which removes the webs while controlling the spider.


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