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Going Batty?

[Don't mind me - I'm just hangin' out]Gentle and shy, bats are among the least understood of all the spooky creatures that go "squeak" in the night. Bats are the world's only flying mammal. They are an important part of the natural order, not merely for their ravenous ability to eat vast quantities of insects (particularly mosquitoes). Bats often consume as much as their own body weight each night as they feed over bodies of water. Bats which feed on fruit and nectar are vital in the life cycle of trees in tropical rain forests, and many economically significant crops are completely dependent upon bats for pollination and seed dispersal. In the last fifty years, bat habitats have increasingly faced destruction and encroachment by man. As a result, nearly 40% of the bat species in the United States are on the endangered species list.

That's why Gulfshore Bird-A-Way employs only humane exclusion techniques to rid your property of nuisance bats.

Nuisance bats? Yes! For all the good they do for the earth's ecosystem, bats are nevertheless capable of being a nuisance and a potential health hazard to man. Bats can be carriers of rabies, and unsightly accumulations of bat guano are hazardous because it can be a source of histoplasmosis. Having "bats in your belfry" is one thing, but if you have unwelcome bats in your attic, warehouse, or production facility, you really would be crazy to let this situation go unheeded.

Bats are our friends - except when they take up residence in places which bring them into hazardous contact with man. With over twenty-five solid years of experience in control of nuisance birds, spiders, and bats, Gulfshore is fully prepared to encourage unwelcome bats to take up residence elsewhere other than your home or work area - and to do so without harming the lil dickens while we're at it. Contact us for more information on putting together a humane and effective solution to your nuisance bat problem.


Gulfshore Bird-A-Way is proud to offer a complete line of safe, effective and environmentally friendly products for DO-IT-YOURSELF services.

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